Integrity Orthopaedics emerges as a pioneering force dedicated to redefining the landscape of soft tissue repair. Their mission is to revolutionize the approach to rotator cuff repair, overcoming traditional limitations by enabling robust initial repair strength while fostering an optimal environment for healing.

At the heart of our innovation lies a deep understanding of the ideal conditions for tendon healing. These conditions encompass four essential attributes: immediate strength, minimal tendon mobility, broad points of fixation, and an optimal biologic environment. With the Integrity Orthopaedics device, surgeons gain the ability to consistently realize these critical objectives with unparalleled efficiency.

Central to the Integrity Orthopaedics’ culture is a steadfast commitment to enhancing patient care on a broad scale. The esteemed founders of Integrity Orthopaedics boast an impressive track record in this regard, honed through their successful endeavors at Rotation Medical (acquired by Smith & Nephew in 2017). Drawing from this wealth of experience, they stand poised to spearhead a transformative shift in one of orthopaedics’ most challenging arenas.